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EFG is all about helping the community and building relationships; this is the reason we construct bridges between agencies, senior centers, etc.  We are proud to work with and represent our community partners.  For information about our partners please click links below.

EFG is proud to represent the below mentioned funeral homes.  If you would like to have a pre-need arrangement with any of these funeral homes please contact us at 863-225-5650. 

Funeral Homes
Aikens funeral home

Aikens Funeral Home

2708 E. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd

Tampa, Florida 33610

Phone: 813-232-8725

Legal Firms

What is a Court Appointed Guardian?

Guardianship is established by a court order. The court grants the guardian authority and responsibility to act on behalf of another person. The relationship is fiduciary, which means that the guardian is obliged to act in the best interests of the ward. The court supervises the guardian to assure proper actions on behalf of the ward. An individual may serve as guardian of a minor or of an incapacitated person. For a minor, the court considers which individual’s appointment will be in the best interest of the minor. In some states, a minor ward over fourteen can nominate his or her own choice for guardian. Any competent person may be appointed guardian for an incapacitated person. The appointee might be the spouse, an adult child or parent of the ward, or any responsible adult with whom the ward is residing.

Central Florida

Senior Solution, Inc.

Central Florida Senior Solutions, LLC

Shannah Butcer Phone:  863-984-1960      


Professional Casa Management Services

Barbara Stone Phone:               786-290-6892

Rolando Dominguez Phone:    786-290-6894


Joseph F. Pippen, Jr. & Associates

Phone: 727-586-3306 Ext. 216


5211 W. Laurel St.
Suite A 
Tampa, FL  33607

Office:(813) 639-1903


Contact us: 863-937-1500

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