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Why Life Insurance?

Whether you have Group Term on your job, an inexpensive Term Insurance policy, or a Whole Life Insurance policy that (unbeknownst to you is a payment until age 100 or 121) it is critical to find out if what you have is actually working to your advantage.

If you accept the cheapest and most convenient insurance, you could risk over-paying for the amount of benefit you will actually receive. Honestly, who would knowingly give an insurance company $20,000 for an insurance policy only worth $10,000? Our Trusted Advisor's meet individuals daily that were unaware that they were over-paying for their insurance.

Have a question on any of the following topics? Call us today. 863-225-5650

  • 401 K rollover

  • Medicare Advantage

  • Funeral Whole Life

  • Final Expense Insurance

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